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How well do you really know your husband? 

Carrie and Steve Atwell have been happily married for fifteen years and live an idyllic life. But Carrie has no idea her world is about to be turned upside down when she finds a single earring in her husband Steve’s car. At first, she suspects the man she loves is having an affair, but the truth may be far more sinister




'A riveting, Australian-based thriller with all the twists, tension and paciness needed to delight crime connoisseurs.'

'A highly recommended serial killer thriller.'

‘Cleverly written, gripping, and fast paced all the way through.’


 ‘Compulsive and emotional read, which captures your attention right from the start’







Ten people. Twelve days. One killer. 


Ten people meet for a reunion at a remote castle, organised by a preacher who once held them in a Christian cult. One by one, the old friends are brutally murdered, and yet their killer remains hidden in their very midst.


Rafe attends the reunion at the castle for one reason only: to settle once and for all how he really feels about his childhood obsession, Suzanne. Rivalry reignites at the outset as the men who all loved and fought over Suzanne are brought together once more. 


Is Suzanne the reason for these serial killings? 

Is the murderer a jealous unrequited lover? 

Or is she the femme fatale with a bloody agenda?


To save his life, Rafe becomes the unwitting sleuth when A winter storm traps the ten guests in the castle that contains a museum of medieval torture devices. As the members of the group fall victim to bizarre deaths involving the torture instruments, the murderer leaves messages for the remaining survivors. Tension mounts. Rafe must play this deadly game in order to identify and neutralise the hidden serial killer before he himself becomes the next victim.

Paul Williams is an internationally acclaimed author who lives in Australia and coordinates the Creative Writing Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast.